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→   111-1338 Vent Stop (Product Group)

The 111-1338 vent stop prevents opening of window past stop. Screws onto frame, inches away from sash in closed position. Tab controls window position; fully extended or vented. Molded in reinforced nylon with UV. Available in white, beige, adobe, sandstone and black.

SKU Product Legacy SKU Quantity
2KAS1083 VG 3/8 VENT STOP - BEIGE 110-0491 1000
2KAS1084 VG 3/8 VENT STOP / BASE & FLAG- WHITE 110-0494 1000
2KAS1103 VG 3/8 VENT STOP ADOBE 110-0550 1000
2KAS1446 VG 3/8 VENT STOP-SANDSTONE (NEW) 110-0799 1000
2KAS1484 VG 3/8 VENT STOP-BLACK 110-0804 1000